Career Fair

i attended the career fair which took place:

September 11, 2013, 2 – 6 pm
Pavilion at Villanova University


it was very intimidating at first being in the said area without any real guidance, no one to tell me where to go or who exactly to see. i had better things to do than be at the career fair but i knew the benefits in the long term might possibly help. i aimlessly wandered around, looking at all sorts of business and companies and other odds and ends that didn’t appeal to me whatsoever. when i was about to leave i remembered that our professor had mentioned how lucrative johnson and johnson was, and after scoping the area to find them i had the opportunity to speak to one of their reps, and after discovering i was in the business school took at least 30 minutes of her time to speak to me. 

upon leaving i had a different appreciation for the event and did not regret going in the slightest. i recommend it to anyone who is on the fence and unsure of business and how they felt in particular, or just to get their name out the in some companies heads.

all in all it was a good hour spent of my time and i am looking forward to going next year to see what companies will be making an appearance and what further connections i will establish.


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